Residential Mortgage Checklist Overview
Please return the Following so That We May Begin Processing Your Application


___ Application (Signed/or submitted via the internet

___Rate Lock Agreement (Signed - whether or not locking the rate at the time)

___ Mortgage Advantage Application (Optional) combined Mortgage and HELOC (Signed)

___ Borrower's Certification and Authorization (Signed)

___ Last two (2) months bank statements (for accounts not held at The Provident Bank).

___ Last two (2) years W-2's and most recent 30 days worth of pay stubs for each borrower.

___ Last two (2) years income tax returns if you have a business income, rental income, pensions, etc.

___ Condominium Documents or if the project is Fannie Mae approved, ask for the FNMA 1028.




All of the above, plus:

___ Signed Purchase and Sales Agreement

___ A copy of your deposit check

___ A copy of the broker's listing sheet

___ Name and telephone number of the person whom the appraiser should contact to
       gain access to the property being purchased


Self-Employed Borrower

All of the above, plus:

___ Last two (2) years personal and corporate tax returns, a year to date profit and
       loss statement from your accountant, and a personal financial statement


Construction Loan

All of the above, plus:

___ Signed contract between you and your builder

___ Budget/Cost Analysis- please ask your builder to provide you with a breakdown of
       the project cost by major categories (i.e. excavation, foundation, framing, etc.)
___ 2 Complete sets of plans

___ Draw schedule - please ask your builder to provide you with an outline of the
       phases of construction at which time he will request payment
___ Copies of the Building Permit and Septic Permit ( if applicable)

___ Owner to provide liability insurance

___ Builder to provide builder's risk insurance